INTERVIEW: IDEX CFO Henrik Knudtzon at Money20/20 Europe [AUDIO]

INTERVIEW: IDEX CFO Henrik Knudtzon at Money20/20 Europe [AUDIO]Fingerprint sensor specialist IDEX has kept a steady eye on the emerging biometric smart cards market over the last several months, asserting in its most recent corporate update that this is now its “top priority”. And so it’s only natural that the company would be on hand at Money20/20 Europe to discuss its fingerprint sensor solution for this very hot topic.

Speaking with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor, IDEX CFO Henrik Knudtzon emphasized that his company is seeing “lots of incoming interest” in its biometric card solution, and noted that its related remote enrolment solution had been embraced by Mastercard. And Knudtzon wasn’t shy about the company’s prospects moving forward, asserting that, for IDEX, this year is all about commercializing this technology and starting to generate revenues.

Listen to our full interview with Henrik Knudtzon, CFO, IDEX:

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