INTERVIEW: Jumio CRO Robert Prigge Talks GDPR Headaches at Money20/20 Europe [AUDIO]

FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill (left) with Robert Prigge, CRO, Jumio at Money 20/20 Europe.

Using a smartphone camera to scan an end user’s face and identity documents – and applying facial recognition to compare them – is an idea that has caught on in a big way over the last year, and Jumio has emerged as one of the top providers of such technology via its Netverify solution. The company saw a 400 percent jump in year-over-year sales in Q1, and has become one of the most acclaimed FinTech companies in the world in terms of industry recognition.

Lately, Jumio has been leveraging this excitement to establish itself as a key solutions provider for GDPR compliance – a hot topic for Money20/20 Europe. Discussing the matter with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor, Jumio’s Chief Revenue Officer, Robert Prigge, explains that a lot of his firm’s customers “are simply not ready” for GDPR, despite the fact that this regulation has already come into play. Prigge explains why Jumio’s solution is ideal for GDPR compliance, and proceeds to talk about the company’s “amazing year”, new use cases for its technology, and its next big effort: “dealing with the GDPR hangover.”

Listen to our full interview with Robert Prigge, Chief Revenue Officer, Jumio:

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