Neurotechnology Updates SentiVeillance SDK, Launches New Server Solution

Neurotechnology Updates SentiVeillance SDK, Launches New Server Solution
(via Neurotechnology)

Neurotechnology is increasing its momentum into the new year with the announcement of an upgraded version of its SentiVeillance 7.0 Software Development Kit.

The SDK is designed to let users develop custom facial recognition and machine vision systems for live video streams. Version 7.0 of the solution delivers a couple of new features: For one, it can now detect both moving and stationary vehicles or people, and can classify them according to their paint or clothing colors as well as the directions in which they’re moving. The other big new feature is an automatic license plate recognition system.

SentiVeillance 7.0 also features “multiple enhancements to the biometric face recognition algorithms”, according to a statement from SentiVeillance, though the company didn’t elaborate on the specific improvements. As it stands, the system can not only recognize faces but classify gender and age, and even facial expressions.

And the new version of SentiVeillance has been announced alongside a new, custom analytics server. Dubbed SentiVeillance Server, it’s compatible with the Luxriot Evo and Milestone video management systems.

The new offerings’ announcement comes hot on the heels of Neurotechnology’s launch of the latest versions of its MegaMatcher and Face Verification SDK solutions, both of which were announced just this month.

January 9, 2019 – by Alex Perala