Neurotechnology Launches New Facial Recognition SDK

Neurotechnology Launches New Facial Recognition SDK

Neurotechnology has launched a new Software Development Kit for its facial recognition technology.

The aptly-named Face Verification SDK is aimed primarily at delivering facial recognition to enterprise environments and to consumer-facing apps on mobile devices and PCs. It’s a kind of condensed version of Neurotechnology’s VeriLook SDK, offering a smaller library size and allowing for smaller-scale applications that won’t clog up memory on a smartphone or other such device; yet it still supports biometric matching based on the ISO 19794-5 standard. It also supports offline facial recognition, broadening its potential applications.

In a statement announcing the new SDK, Neurotechnology business development manager Antonello Mincone framed it within a larger regulatory, KYC, and market context. “There’s high demand for biometric authentication right now in order to comply with the latest information security regulations set by governments and institutions,” he explained. “Face Verification SDK provides a highly flexible solution for a variety of biometric facial authentication use cases along with a deployment model that adapts to the change requirements and rapid scalability required for use in payment and consumer markets.”

In launching a solution aimed at addressing these specific market conditions, Neurotechnology is clearly aiming to get some strong traction at the start of 2019, with the company approaching its 30th anniversary next year. Neurotechnology says a trial version of the Face Verification SDK is available for prospective customers, and that there is a special offer available for existing VeriLook SDK and MegaMatcher customers.

January 3, 2019 – by Alex Perala