Neurotechnology Adds Attribute Recognition to SentiMask 2.0

Neurotechnology Adds Attribute Recognition to SentiMask 2.0

Neurotechnology is rolling out the second edition of its SentiMask Software Development Kit. The algorithm offers real-time face tracking and 3D character control, and can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from app development to advertising to animation.    

As expected, the second version improves on the SDK’s existing features while introducing a slew of new ones. The SDK now includes four different 3D face models. The other noteworthy addition is the attribute recognition capabilities that will allow the algorithm to determine age and gender and pick out physical traits like glasses or a mustache. 

“With the release of SentiMask 2.0 we wanted to widen the list of options developers have to choose from,” said SentiMask Project Lead Vilius Matiukas. “These new features will expand the number of applications and uses to which SentiMask can contribute.”

The original SentiMask launched back in 2017, when it was advertised as an animoji production platform. The new version can still be used to create an animated avatar, but the greater functionality – including 3D mesh output, pose detection, face masking, and expression analysis – gives it far more versatility than its predecessor.

SentiMask is one of several software development kits available from Neurotechnology. The company recently released the 11th edition of its flagship MegaMatcher SDK and the 7th iteration of its SentiVeillance facial recognition solution.

May 23, 2019 – by Eric Weiss