New SDK Enables Animoji Creation Based on 2D Video

Neurotechnology has adapted its face biometrics technology to animoji applications with a new solution called the SentiMask Software Development Kit.

New SDK Enables Animoji Creation Based on 2D VideoThe system recreates facial biometrics in a digital, 3D model, which can adapt to changes in the real subject’s face in real time. In other words, if the subject smiles, the digital avatar will smile, even if the digital model also looks like a cat’s face.

It’s a clear response to Apple’s pioneering of the animoji – an animated emoji – with its iPhone X. The animojis have generated a lot of discussion, and seem to have prompted smartphone rival Huawei to come up with its own such technology, which it previewed at a recent media event. While Apple and Huawei’s animoji technology requires the use of 3D infrared imaging, Neurotechnology’s solution has the advantage of being compatible with regular 2D videos.

In a statement announcing the new SDK, Neurotechnology’s project lead for the solution, Vilius Matiukas, emphasized that it’s the product of the company’s “decades of experience” in face biometrics, adding that the solution empowers clients to “easily incorporate face detection and tracking capabilities into their own solutions, such as entertainment or interactive marketing applications.”

December 4, 2017 – by Alex Perala