Neurotechnology Announces SentiVeillance Server Facial Recognition Solution

Neurotechnology has announced SentiVeillance Server, a new facial recognition solution designed for easy deployment on video surveillance systems.

Neurotechnology Announces SentiVeillance Server Facial Recognition SolutionIt’s compatible with the video management systems Evo Global, Evo S, Luxriot Evo, and Milestone XProtect VMS, enabling user to quickly identify faces in video streams, and to configure automatic alert notifications when certain faces – or unknown faces – are spotted. It also enables users to filter video by the age, gender, or face of individuals in the feed.

In a statement announcing the solution, Neurotechnology head of software development Aurimas Juska said SentiVeillance Server offers “an enhanced surveillance system with only a small amount of configuration and no need for programming.”

In keeping with Neurotechnology’s recently upgraded SentiVeillance SDK, the new solution allows for up to ten different video feeds to be scanned simultaneously. A trial version is available now from Neurotechnology and the company’s distributors.

June 19, 2017 – by Alex Perala