IntelliVision Facial Recognition Comes to the Cloud

AI-driven video analytics specialist IntelliVision has announced that its facial recognition technology is now available as a cloud-based service.IntelliVision Facial Recognition Comes to the Cloud

The company says its technology can detect at least 10 faces in less than a second, and as many as 25 faces in a single frame. What’s more, when fed through an Ambarella S5L-based camera, the system uses only 25 percent of the CPU.

In a statement announcing the system’s support for cloud-based deployments, IntelliVision Engineering and Products VP Krishna Khadloya emphasized the growing prominence of facial recognition technology in general, asserting that it “is becoming a must-have security feature for smart home and buildings, smart retail, transportation, access control and the gaming industry.” Khadloya added that IntelliVision’s facial recognition solution can now be implemented through a range of deployments – on a cloud basis, on-premise, or through edge devices such as routers and routing switches.

IntelliVision also offers other video analytics technologies including object recognition, motion detection, license plate identification, and even audio recognition.

August 2, 2018 – by Alex Perala