[Money20/20] Aware VP David Benini Talks Knomi, FIDO, and Aware’s Big UK Contract

It was just about a year ago that Aware became one of the most notable biometrics specialists to offer a multimodal biometric authentication platform for mobile apps. Called Knomi, the SDK package immediately became one of Aware’s key flagship offerings, and it attained even more prestige this summer when it attained FIDO UAF 1.1 certification.

It’s no surprise, then, that Aware was showcasing its Knomi solution at this year’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas. Catching up with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor, Aware Marketing & Product VP David Benini discussed Aware’s live demos of its solution for FIDO-compliant biometric authentication. He also offered a little bit of insight on Aware’s recent huge contract with law enforcement authorities in the UK, and some predictions about what’s to come in 2019, including the growing prominence of decentralization and the healthcare sector.

Listen to our full audio interview with David Benini, Vice President Marketing & Product, Aware:

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