[Money20/20] IDEMIA’s Megan Heinze Talks Mobile Driver’s Licenses

[Money20/20] IDEMIA's Megan Heinze Talks Mobile Driver's LicensesAs one of the biggest solutions provider operating in the identity industry, IDEMIA had a wide-spanning presence at this year’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas. But a central focus for the company was clearly its Mobile Driver License (MDL) project, which is aimed at establish a government-certified, virtual driver’s license that can exist entirely within a user’s smartphone.

IDEMIA’s President of Financial Institutions for North America, Megan Heinze, together with her colleague Jenny Openshaw (IDEMIA’s Sales Operations VP), discussed the project at length in a panel discussion hosted by Bianca Lopes; and Heinze further elaborated on it in an interview with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor. Listen in as Heinze delves into the importance of biometrics – with facial recognition being a central component of the MDL concept – as well as overcoming KYC and AML regulations, enabling autofill in online banking, other potential applications of MDL, and the nightmare that is confirming your identity to your bank when your purse has been stolen.

Listen to the full Money20/20 interview with IDEMIA’s President of Financial Institutions for North America, Megan Heinze:

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