Lloyds Deploys Callsign’s Biometric Security Platform

Lloyds Deploys Callsign's Biometric Security Platform

Lloyds Banking Group is upgrading its digital security with multi-factor authentication technology from Callsign. Callsign’s behavioral biometrics platform will allow Lloyds’ 15 million customers to leverage their biometric information to log into their accounts and authorize transactions.  

The integration is expected to offer a more seamless and more secure end user experience for those customers. Lloyds will be introducing the Callsign platform across all of the core brands in its portfolio. 

“We have already built a brilliant foundation with Lloyds Banking Group and I am thrilled at the prospect of continuing our working relationship,” said Callsign Founder and CEO Zia Hayat. “Our solution will enable the bank to go even further in maintaining a premium customer experience when it comes to identification.”

Callsign’s multimodal platform has previously been deployed to protect Deutsche Bank and other banks and financial institutions. The company has published research that suggests that there is still some resistance to the use of biometric authentication in the workplace, even as the technology itself becomes more popular with the general public.

This is also not the first time Lloyds has explored the potential for biometric authentication after the digital bank trialed customer logins with Windows Hello back in 2017.

July 15, 2019 – by Eric Weiss