Deutsche Bank Trials Multimodal Mobile System

Deutsche Bank Trials Multimodal Mobile System

Deutsche Bank is trialing a multimodal biometrics system for mobile authentication. Developed by Callsign, the system incorporates facial recognition, thumbprint scanning, and behavioral biometrics.

It’s being developed specifically for the bank’s mobile applications, with the aim of ultimately replacing customer passwords and allowing more advanced mobile banking. The companies say that it uses approximately 50 factors for authentication, and these can include how hard the customer presses the touchscreen and the customer’s grip on the phone. While fingerprint scanning is already quite widespread for mobile authentication, with facial recognition growing in popularity as well, these kinds of behavioral biometrics are somewhat novel, and could prove more convenient, allowing for passive authentication.

Speaking to the Financial Times, a Deutsche Bank official explained that the system’s use of multiple factors allows it to adjust to changes from the user; for example, if an injury prevented a user from holding her smartphone the way she usually does, the system could prompt her for a selfie to instead use facial recognition for authentication. The bank says that in tests so far, no impostor has managed to exceed 15 percent in the system’s authentication scoring metrics.

Deutsche Bank is currently planning to expand its trial to about 10,000 of its own employees; no commercial launch date has yet been determined.

Source: CNBC

November 23, 2015 – by Alex Perala