ISC East: Suprema’s Sales Director Hanchul Kim Discusses Global Growth [AUDIO INTERVIEW]

ISC East: Suprema's Sales Director Hanchul Kim Discusses Global Growth [AUDIO INTERVIEW]The biometrics industry has been going through a boom over the last several years, and it’s one that has really paid off for Suprema. An old hand in the industry, Suprema is renowned for its fingerprint readers and its biometric access control solutions – technologies that have seen major spikes in popularity over the last few years in particular.

So it’s no wonder the company was in attendance at the ISC East security expo. What is surprising is that this was the company’s first time attending the show, as Suprema sales director Hanchul Kim told FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill in an interview from the show floor. Hanchul explained that while Suprema’s showcase at the event was “pretty much a repeat” of its showing at ISC West earlier this year, the company was keen to make its presence known on the East Coast, especially in the wake of recent hires in New York. He also went on to discuss Suprema’s ongoing growth, a couple of particularly hot markets for the company, and its growing presence around the world and its plans for southeast Asia.

Listen to our full audio interview with Hanchul Kim, Sales Director, Suprema:

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