[Money20/20] IDEMIA VP Gary Jones On Frictionless Biometrics at the Bank

[Money20/20] IDEMIA VP Gary Jones On Frictionless Biometrics at the BankIDEMIA is a major player in the global biometric industry, and its work spans across a range of sectors. An ongoing effort in the government sector, for example, entails the development of mobile driver’s license technology that uses facial recognition for user identification. But at Money20/20, the overall focus is, of course, on what’s going on in the financial services sector, and in a discussion on the show floor with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill, IDEMIA’s Gary Jones focused on how IDEMIA’s frictionless biometric technology can be used in banks.

Speaking as the head of IDEMIA’s Biometric Access & Time Solutions division, Jones highlighted his firm’s MorphoWave technology, which is able to scan multiple fingerprints as a hand is waved over it, allowing for contactless, extremely low-friction authentication. Jones discussed both the technology’s current use in bank branches and its potential for expansion deeper into corporate architecture, from logical access control to time tracking, and even potentially customer identification.

Listen to our full Money20/20 audio interview with Gary Jones, Vice President, Biometric Access & Time Solutions, IDEMIA:

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