Suprema ID Launches its Slimmest Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

Suprema ID Launches its Slimmest Fingerprint Sensor

Suprema ID will be debuting a new, slimmer fingerprint sensor at next week’s ID4Africa event in South Africa. The BioMini Slim 3 stakes its claim as the world’s slimmest sensor, providing device manufacturers with FAP 30 capabilities in a more flexible and convenient form factor.

Despite the thinner design, the scanner is able to offer a wider capture area and boasts anti-spoofing liveness detection technology. The Multi-Dynamic Range tech allows the BioSlim Mini 3 to gather accurate prints in an array of adverse conditions, up to and including direct sunlight.

“The new BioMini Slim 3 has been designed to provide the best reliable fingerprint authentication performance over dynamic environments such as outdoor and mobile situations,” said Suprema CEO Bogun Park. “At Suprema ID, our commitment is to provide the best product beyond market expectation with the highest user’s convenience and security.”

Bob Carrino, the US Sales Director for Suprema ID, hinted at “big plans” for the coming year during an ISC West interview with FindBiometrics. Since then, the company has introduced Android support for its RealScan line of fingerprint readers, while Suprema’s BM-Slim2 FAP20 scanner was deployed in a pair of rugged AMREL tablets.

ID4Africa runs from June 18th to 20th. The BioSlim Mini 3 will be on display at booth C21 alongside the aforementioned RealScan products.

June 11, 2019 – by Eric Weiss