Identity Devices Announces Aadhaar-Focused Platform

Identity Devices Announces Aadhaar-Focused Platform

Fresh off of its partnership announcement with Fingerprint Cards, the new Swedish company Identity Devices has made its first big push into India’s Aadhaar market, announcing a ‘Biometric Privacy Platform’ (BPP) designed for the enormous biometric national ID program.

The BPP is described as an offering of both hardware and software for the Aadhaar ecosystem, with a strong focus on compliance with the Aadhaar Act, requirements established by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and the most recent ruling’s from India’s Supreme Court. BPP solutions are offered for integration into devices made by third parties and aimed at Aadhaar applications.

In announcing the platform, Identity Devices founder and CEO David Burnett asserted that his company “is committed to the principle that individuals should have control over their personal data, what and when to share it, and how it is used.” He added that the BPP solution “addresses the very valid concerns of people regarding their sensitive personal data.”

It’s a good pitch, given the complex regulatory and legal environment in which Aadhaar operates; but in a quickly-filling market, Identity Devices will face some stiff competition, especially given that it’s a new company with no real track record. On that flank, its partnership with Fingerprint Cards should help; the latter is a renowned player in the mobile biometrics industry, and has seen at least one major Aadhaar deployment with respect to its iris authentication technology.

Sources: Deccan Chronicle, The Hans India

January 22, 2019 – by Alex Perala