Iris Scanning POS Uses FPC Tech

Iris Scanning POS Uses FPC TechA major deployment of Fingerprint Cards‘ iris scanning technology has arrived, in the form of a biometric point of sale terminal in India.

Dubbed “Apnapay”, the terminal is the product of Hong Kong-based Grand Tech International Development. It allows for iris-based authentication of the customer based on Aadhaar, India’s wide-ranging biometric national ID program, thanks to ActiveIris, iris recognition technology developed by Delta ID, which was acquired by Fingerprint Cards near the start of last year. Delta ID had attained Aadhaar certification for its ActiveIris technology the previous September.

In a statement announcing the deployment, FPC said that the POS terminal is able “to accept all forms of payments available in India”, and that it can be used for eKYC and “Aadhaar enabled payments”, suggesting it may be possible for an end user to directly debit a bank account linked to their Aadhaar ID via a simple iris scan.

The Apnapay integration represents the latest success in FPC’s effort to expand its business beyond a saturated mobile authentication sector that has offered diminishing margins to longstanding players, with the company having announced integrations of its fingerprint sensor technology into a new smart suitcase and FIDO2-compliant biometric security keys over the past month.

June 29, 2018 – by Alex Perala