ID Talk Podcast: Aware’s David Benini on Government Biometrics, Open ABIS and Vendor Lock-in

ID Talk Podcast: Aware's David Benini on Government Biometrics, Open ABIS and Vendor Lock-in

It’s Government Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics so for the latest episode of the ID Talk Podcast, host Peter Counter spoke with David Benini, Vice President, Marketing and Product, at Aware.

Listen to the latest episode of the ID Talk Podcast:

The in-depth conversation begins on the topic of what we talk about when we talk about government biometrics – the many different government use cases from law enforcement, to border control and civil ID. Benini goes on to describe a new concept which is being pioneered by Aware and stands to be integral to government identity: the open ABIS.

The conversation then takes a shift to the frontier markets, highlighting trends from this year’s ID4Africa conference, including the looming threat of vendor lock-in.

Listen to the full episode of the ID Talk Podcast embedded above for all of that and more on the current state and future of biometric technology in the government sector.

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Stay posted to FindBiometrics for the remainder of September as we continue our in-depth focus on government biometrics.

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