ID Talk Podcast: NEC’s Benji Hutchinson Speaks on Biometric Border Control, Facial Recognition Controversy, and More

September is Government Biometrics Month, so for the most recent episode of the ID Talk Podcast, Peter Counter, Editor in Chief at FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World, speaks with Benji Hutchinson, Vice President of Federal Operations, Advanced Recognition Systems Division, NEC Corporation of America.

To start off, the two discuss the many vertical markets included under the umbrella of “government biometrics” before delving deep into the world of border control – specifically the US biometric entry/exit mandate NEC is heavily involved with.

That topic, of course, segues very well into the ongoing privacy debate around the use of facial recognition by border control and law enforcement. Hutchinson and Counter talk about misconceptions around face biometrics, the conflation of identification and authentication, and NEC’s stance on the state of the technology.

The podcast finishes by discussing the status of the large American biometric databases, IDENT and HART, and what’s next NEC Corporation of America.

Listen to the full episode of the ID Talk Podcast embedded above for all of that and more on the current state and future of biometric technology in the government sector.

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Stay posted to FindBiometrics for the remainder of September as we continue our in-depth focus on government biometrics.

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