HID Global White Paper Makes Strong Case for Biometric Identity

HID Global White Paper Makes Strong Case for Biometric Identity

As physical and digital security continue to converge, HID Global has issued a new White Paper illustrating how biometric technology can be used to establish irrefutable identity and maintain trust.

Entitled “Powering Trusted Identities with Biometrics“, the paper begins with the premise that ‘identity is who you are, not what you know’. Knowledge-based authentication mechanisms such as passwords can very often be stolen or even guessed, whereas an individual’s biometrics belong only to them.

With that in mind, HID Global highlights how its fingerprint recognition technologies can be applied across a range of sectors, including healthcare, financial services, retail, and government – but not before addressing the one major security risk of biometric authentication: spoofing. This refers to presentation attacks aimed at mimicking authorized users’ biometric credentials; and while it’s a serious threat to some biometric systems, HID Global has a solution in the form of its Lumidigm Multispectral Imaging technology, which is designed to scan not only the surface but also the subsurface of a user’s finger. This kind of liveness detection technology ensures that a fingerprint scanner can’t be fooled by a 2D printout or similar presentation attack, making the biometric authentication process even more secure and reliable.

Download “Powering Trusted Identities with Biometrics” – an HID Global White Paper

HID Global’s White Paper also delves into more specific fingerprint scanning solutions implementing its technology, including the DigitalPersona 4500 and 5300 fingerprint readers and its HID TouchChip TCET module; and it offers detailed use cases concerning actual deployments of its technology, illustrating its effectiveness in the real world.

The paper makes a strong case not only for HID Global’s solutions, but for biometric authentication more broadly.