HID Global Provides Fingerprint Tech for BigWise POS Terminals

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Biometrics News - HID Global Provides Fingerprint Tech for BigWise POS Terminals

HID Global is providing its DigitalPersona fingerprint recognition technology to BigWise’s Stellar Point-of-Sale solution. Stellar is designed for retail and restaurant clientele, with a customer base that is located primarily in South America.

The integration of DigitalPersona was carried out in a matter of weeks, and will allow Stellar customers to leverage biometric authentication for secure logins and attendance management. It will also prevent the fraud and theft that results from unauthorized manager overrides by regular employees.

“HID’s solution significantly shortened our path for adding secure fingerprint authentication services to our platform,” said BigWise Founder and CEO Jose Rivas. “We were able to move very quickly to give our customers valuable new capabilities for stopping internal theft and fraud while simplifying employee access to the terminal.”

“Fingerprint biometrics allows BigWise customers to eliminate their dependence on insecure and costly passwords and swipe cards,” added HID Global Senior Director Wladimir Alvarez.

DigitalPersona is compatible with multiple HID Global fingerprint readers, most notably the DigitalPersona 4500 and the EikonTouch. The developer kit also includes access to the company’s Crossmatch Developer WebPortal. HID Global acquired Crossmatch in September of 2018.

HID Global’s multispectral imaging fingerprint technology has performed extremely well in anti-spoofing tests carried out by iBeta and the ISO.

October 29, 2019 – by Eric Weiss