From Fingerprints To Behavioral Biometrics: 12 Expert Interviews About Mobile ID

FindBiometrics is hosting the mobile biometrics webinar event of the year on Wednesday. New Frontiers in Mobile Biometrics will feature a dynamic panel discussion about the state and future of mobile biometrics and digital identity.

The mobile authentication landscape is evolving rapidly thanks to the mainstream ubiquity of fingerprint, face, voice, iris and behavioral biometrics. Prepare for Wednesday’s webinar by listening to the following audio interviews with biometrics experts. Be sure to register for New Frontiers in Mobile Biometrics to be a part of this ongoing industry conversation.

The Conversation at Hand

Wednesday’s webinar conversation stands to give a comprehensive view of mobile authentication today, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing biometrics over the next five years. Our panelists – David Pollington, Head of Application Services and Technology, GSMA; Frances Zelazny, VP, BioCatch; Fredrik Clementson, R&D Director, Precise Biometrics – will discuss Mobile Connect, behavioral biometrics, biometric cards, regulations like PSD2 and liveness detection.

Listen to the following interviews with Pollington, Zelazny and Precise Biometrics Chairman Torgny Hellström to hear about some of the topics that will be discussed further in the live webcast:

Torgny Hellström, Chairman, Precise Biometrics

David Pollington, Head of Application Services and Technology, GSMA

Frances Zelazny, VP, BioCatch

What’s Next For Fingerprints

A major factor contributing to the rapid evolution of mobile biometrics is the proliferation of fingerprint sensors on consumer mobile devices. With a few notable exceptions (like the iPhone X) almost every smartphone available has a fingerprint sensor for user authentication. This market saturation has caused fingerprint biometrics companies to pivot toward new integration goals and expand beyond their traditional modality offerings.

In the following two interviews with Henrik Knudtzon, CFO, IDEX and Christian Fredrikson, CEO, Fingerprint Cards, you will hear about how both companies are transforming their businesses to best capitalize on the smart cards and multimodal markets respectively.

Henrik Knudtzon, CFO, IDEX

Christian Fredrikson, CEO, Fingerprint Cards

The Matching Paradigm

For the past five years – since even before the iPhone 5s announcement that sparked the mobile revolution in biometrics – the debate over on-device and in-the-cloud authentication paradigms proved a major point of industry friction. Time has passed and both sides of the debate have proven the value of their given paradigm, while many in the industry are forwarding a situational approach to the question. The following interviews and webinar panel recording will give you an idea of where the conversation is now when it comes to the question of on-device versus on-server biometrics.

Andrew Shikiar, Senior Director of Marketing, FIDO Alliance

Richard Hayton, CTO, Trustonic

WEBINAR RECORDING: Digital Identity in the Era of Cloud-Based Biometrics

Mark Virnig, Director, Product Management – Mobile, ImageWare

Contactless Consumer Biometrics

As mentioned above, the iPhone X does not feature a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Instead, Apple’s luxury model smartphone has opted for 3D infrared facial recognition, a move that has sent shockwaves of excitement through the mobile markets. Contactless mobile biometrics may potentially be on the verge of a Touch ID moment of their own. Listen to the following interviews to hear biometrics industry experts discuss their contactless face, voice and iris technologies as they relate to the current consumer mobile device markets.

Mark Clifton, CEO, Princeton Identity

Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory

Samuel Choi, Senior Sales Manager, Suprema


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