AUDIO INTERVIEW: Samuel Choi, Senior Sales Manager, Suprema at MWC 2018

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Samuel Choi, Senior Sales Manager, Suprema at MWC 2018Suprema has long been established as a provider of reliable, technologically advanced biometric solutions, but the company’s presence in the consumer electronics sector is still growing in the wake of the mobile biometrics revolution. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill had the opportunity to catch up with Samuel Choi, Senior Sales Manager, Suprema and talk about his firm’s position and strategy.

Fortunately for Suprema, the company’s expertise already has it well-positioned to take advantage of some key trends. As Choi points out, Suprema’s FaceStation facial recognition technology has provided a strong basis on which the company was able to build a 3D facial recognition solution, which appears to be facing a heating market in the wake of Apple’s Face ID authentication solution on the iPhone X. Meanwhile, with mobile fingerprint recognition evolving toward in-display technologies, Suprema anticipates growing competition between optical and ultrasonic technologies – and the company is working with players on both sides. It’s a strategy that speaks to breadth of Suprema’s expertise, a subject that Choi is happy to elaborate upon.

Listen to our full audio interview with Samuel Choi, Senior Sales Manager, Suprema:

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March 1, 2018 – by Alex Perala