Suprema’s FaceStation 2 Wins Detektor Award

Suprema is once again a winner in the Detektor International Awards.

Suprema's FaceStation 2 Wins Detektor AwardThis year the company has been recognized for its FaceStation 2 solution, which won the Best Product Award in the category of ID & Access Control. Launched earlier this year, FaceStation 2 is a face scanning kiosk that can perform up to 3,000 matches per second, and also supports RF card reading and PIN entry, allowing for multi-factor authentication. The solution has already been shipped in more than 50 countries, Suprema says.

In a statement, Suprema asserted that the Detektor International Awards jury called FaceStation 2 “[t]he world’s fastest facial recognition terminal and the first to support Bluetooth”, adding that the device attests to Suprema’s leadership in the access control market.

The award win comes a year after Suprema’s BioEntry W2 fingerprint-based access control solution won an Innovative Achievement Award in the 2016 Detektor International Awards. The original FaceStation also won an Innovative Achievement Award after its debut back in 2012.

November 23, 2017 – by Alex Perala