Suprema Wins Detektor International Award

Suprema’s BioEntry W2 fingerprint-based access control system has netted the company an Innovative Achievement Award from Detektor International.

Suprema Wins Detektor International AwardThe awards are bestowed in the categories of Alarms, Camera Surveillance (CCTV), and Access Control, with Suprema winning in the latter category. According to the Detektor International website, the awards are meant to “reward and encourrage [sic] research and development within the security technology field.”

Suprema calls its BioEntry W2 the world’s fastest outdoor fingerprint scanning device for access control, and says it can perform up to 150,000 matches per second. Like Suprema’s latest offerings in its BioMini Slim line of fingerprint sensors, the device also features the company’s proprietary liveness detection technology.

In a statement acknowledging the Detektor International Award, Suprema Sales Director Hanchul Kim said his team is “very honored that our new BioEntry W2 has received such a prestigious award, which recognizes both technological and practical innovations within the product.”

November 18, 2016 – by Alex Perala