AUDIO INTERVIEW Glenn Tinley, President and Founder, MEXIA Interactive at Mobile World Congress 2018

AUDIO INTERVIEW Glen Tinley, President and Founder, MEXIA Interactive at Mobile World Congress 2018March 1, 2018 – Susan Stover

It’s Mobile World Congress 2018 this week, and FindBiometrics is bringing you coverage from the international conference in Barcelona, reporting live from the exhibition floor – and even from the front gates.

Peter O’Neill, President of FindBiometrics, caught up with Glenn Tinley, President and Founder at MEXIA Interactive, the company providing facial recognition access to the conference for those attendants who opted in to the biometric security pilot.

Facial recognition access control for the event was a way for GSMA to showcase what’s coming in the field of biometrics while keeping absolute security in mind for the large scale industry gathering. In this interview, Tinley discusses how MEXIA already had an algorithm devised for airports – with added features to enable the system to read the RFID chip on the attendees’ cards, securely access images that are already stored in a database, and then use that image to match up people “in the wild” to those wanting to enter the event securely and accurately.

In addition to showcasing the efficiency of their facial biometrics, Tinley expanded on MEXIA Interactive’s user experience focused future: “Our focus is on user experience,” he said, asserting that privacy is a critical ingredient of the event attendee experience. 

Listen to our full audio interview with Glenn Tinley, President and Fouder at Mexia Interactive: