AUDIO INTERVIEW: Torgny Hellström, Chairman, Precise Biometrics: ‘There is Much More to Come’

FindBiometrics is keeping the identity conversation from MWC 2018 alive all March with Mobile Biometrics Month, sponsored by Precise Biometrics and BioCatch.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill had the opportunity to catch up with Precise Biometrics Chairman of the Board Torgny Hellström at a critical juncture for the latter’s company. Precise Biometrics has for many years been one of the leading players in the mobile biometrics revolution, seeing its fingerprint algorithm software integrated into a wide range of smartphones and other devices. But like many others, the company also came under intense pressure from an increasingly competitive market in 2017, while also seeking to expand into exciting new market areas as the commercial biometrics industry continues to grow.

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In his discussion with Peter O’Neill, Hellström speaks frankly about the “challenging” year that was 2017, and the “tremendous price pressure” that came to bear in the market for capacitive sensors in particular; but he also delves into the opportunities that situation has created as Precise Biometrics and its partners see the migration of these sensors into the mid- and low-end mass market for mobile devices. Hellström also discusses the emerging opportunities in under-display fingerprint sensor technologies, and in the biometric smart cards and payment cards market, for which many are expecting a major boom in the year to come (and in which Precise Biometrics is already participating in a high-profile trial led by Visa). As Hellström explains, “we have just seen the beginning of the future of biometrics; there is much more to come.”

Listen to our full audio interview with Torgny Hellström, Chairman, Presice Biometrics:

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