Aluf Will Focus on Biometrics and Blockchain with New Board, M&A Strategy

Aluf Will Focus on Biometrics and Blockchain with New Board of Directors

Aluf Holdings is turning its attention to biometrics and blockchain, and has appointed a new Board of Directors to oversee the transition.

“Biometrics is disruptive, transformative, and revolutionary,” said incoming Aluf Vice Chairman Ben Zandi. “We’re going to be the ones that bring that to market.”

To do so, the holding company will be pursuing a mergers and acquisition strategy with a strong focus on providers in the government, aviation, and healthcare sectors. According to the press release, Aluf has already finished the pre-closing process for its first major biometrics acquisition, although it did not offer any clues as to what that acquisition will be.

Whatever the case, there will be no shortage of opportunities for a conglomerate like Aluf. The biometric market is poised to skyrocket as biometric identity solutions become more popular in airports, healthcare, and other industries.

“Our Board represents the top of the food chain in aviation, private equity, communications, artificial intelligence, biometrics and blockchain technologies,” concluded Aluf Chairman of the Board Donald Bennett. “We are now in a strong position, backed by deep experience, to leverage our expertise for optimum shareholder value.”

April 5, 2019 – by Eric Weiss