DSP Group Teams with Snips to Build Multi-Room Voice Recognition Platform

DSP Group Teams with Snips to Build Multi-Room Voice Recognition Platform

DSP Group has announced that it will be partnering with Snips to create a multi-room voice recognition network for smart homes and other buildings. The new tech will combine DSP’s ultra low energy modules with Snip’s voice recognition software to extend the reach of voice-controlled devices in a closed environment.

The Snips and DSP Group platform will consist of a central hub with multiple satellite devices spread throughout a building. The devices will allow people in one room of a house to talk to people in another room of a house through a secure wireless network that doesn’t require any internet connectivity. That eliminates the risk of data breaches, while the DSP-Snips partnership extends the range from the central hub to 500m and increases the viability of the system.  

“Together, DSP Group and Snips are able to provide a unique embedded offering that has the potential to revolutionize the way people will interact with their devices,” said DSP Group Chief Marketing Officer Tali Chen.

“Snips and DSP Group share a vision for the future of embedded voice recognition across multiple verticals,” added Yann Lechelle, the COO at Snips. “This new voice architecture will be applicable in smart home and smart building verticals where performance, cost effectiveness and data privacy play an important role for end consumers.”

DSP Group first unveiled a low-power voice platform alongside Vesper and Sensory in 2017, and has continued to explore system-in-package devices in the time since. The partnership with Snips is further evidence of the company’s ambitions in the voice recognition space.

February 22, 2019 – by Eric Weiss