Sensory, DSP Group, STMicroelectronics Produce New Voice Activation SiP

Semiconductor maker STMicroelectronics, wireless chipset provider DSP Group, and voice and speech technology specialist Sensory Inc. have announced a jointly-developed System-in-Package device that could enable sophisticated voice interaction in new products.Sensory, DSP Group, STMicroelectronics Produce New Voice Activation SiP

Each company has brought technology to the table to help make the device a uniquely capable voice interaction technology. A microphone using STMicroelectronics’ MEMS technology to pack considerable performance in a low-power, light package, aided by DSP Group’s processor technology, which can detect certain instructions without activating the central processing system – a capability that both saves power and enables faster response times, the companies say. Sensory, meanwhile, offers the speech recognition technology enabling the system to ‘understand’ user commands.

The development follows previous collaboration between Sensory and DSP Group, with the companies having also worked with Vesper to produce a low-power, rugged voice activation system unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Such technologies appear to be facing rising demand as voice interaction rises in prominence as a key interface of the Internet of Things.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)