Kronos Supports Facial Recognition with InTouch DX Time Clock

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Kronos is expanding its portfolio of biometric time clocks with the debut of the Kronos InTouch DX. The new time clock was built to be futureproof, with Kronos planning a future facial recognition capability, while at launch it features fingerprint recognition, which has appeared in earlier versions of the device.

As with previous iterations of the Kronos InTouch, biometric authentication is an optional feature for companies searching for an alternative to badges, keycards, or PIN entries. The InTouch DX is compatible with Kronos’ Workforce Dimensions suite, and includes a slew of other utilities that will make it easier for managers and employees to manage their schedules. For example, the personalized SmartLanding screen will display unread messages and other important notifications when an employee first clocks in, while My Time will make it easy to keep track of schedules and ensure compliance with workplace regulations.

The Kronos InTouch DX is geared towards enterprises that are looking to upgrade their infrastructure and make the switch to digital technologies. The device includes a 7-inch touchscreen and offers support for a variety of different languages.  

“Accelerating digital transformation and mitigating compliance risk continue to be urgent priorities for organizations with hourly and frontline workers who must be present to do their job,” said Constellation Research Principal Analyst and VP Holger Mueller in a statement announcing the new solution. “Providing a modern technology experience is the first step to preparing for the future needs of the workplace.”

“Kronos InTouch DX provides organizations with the digital experience they need to work productively throughout their workday,” added Kronos Product Management VP Bill Bartow. “An engaging employee experience should help employees and managers complete critical tasks, stay informed, and focus on the parts of their job that drive the most value.”

Of course, the Kronos InTouch DX is not the only biometric scheduling solution currently on the market. Iris ID recently released IrisTime, which leverages face and iris recognition, while companies like Ipsidy have developed app-based alternatives that allow employees to clock in with their smartphones.

November 12, 2019 – by Eric Weiss