Biometric Tech Clocks In for Work

Biometric Time and Attendance

In addition to keeping accurate records and cutting down on administrative costs, biometric time and attendance solutions help cut down on employee time theft.

Workforce management company Kronos Inc. has announced a new suite of tools available through its Workforce Ready line, with biometric technology playing a new role.

Announced at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, the new suite of management tools includes a fingerprint-scanning time clock, ensuring that employees must personally be on site when punching in and out. It’s yet another step down the ineluctable path of biometric integration into daily life.

It also makes a lot of sense. Employers and managers using time clock systems want to be sure that their staff are on-site when they’re meant to be, and in situations in which security is a concern – at a major transportation facility, for example – this could be an important addition to the security protocols already in place.

The provider, Kronos, has been around since 1977, and quickly proved itself to be an innovative early-adopter, introducing the world’s first computerized time clock in 1979. With the online revolution, Kronos transformed itself from a time clock manufacturer to a cloud-based workforce management service provider, and the introduction of biometric technology into its product line may be seen as another natural step in line with technological advancement and evolution.

October 8, 2014 – by Alex Perala