ISC West: CEO Shiraz Kapadia Discusses Invixium’s Tough Biometric Tech

Invixium CEO Shiraz Kapadia (left) and Susan Stover, Director of Digital Content, FindBiometrics, at ISC West 2019

FindBiometrics is reporting live from ISC West in Las Vegas this week, bringing you biometrics news and interviews straight from the biggest converged security trade show in the Americas. On day two of the exhibition, we stopped by Invixium‘s booth for a chat with the company’s CEO.

In this exclusive audio interview with FindBiometrics Director of Digital Content Susan Stover, Invixium CEO Shiraz Kapadia discusses his firm’s face- and fingerprint-focused biometric solutions for workforce management. As Kapadia explains, his team aimed to develop technologies that could operate in harsh, rugged environments; and they’ve demonstrated this capability with a recent video showing just how tough Invixium’s IXM Titan biometric terminal really is. Looking forward, Kapadia says, “you can definitely expect a lot of those visuals” as Invixium seeks to further extend its reach into more applications and markets.

Listen to the full FindBiometrics interview with Invixium CEO Shiraz Kapadia below:

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