Ascentis Releases NT8000 Biometric Time Clock

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Biometrics News - Ascentis Releases NT8000 Biometric Time Clock

Ascentis has released a new smart time clock that will make it easier for employers to keep tabs on their workforce. The NT8000 allows employees to punch in with a badge or a key pad entry, both of which can also be combined with a fingerprint scan for added biometric security.  

The NT8000 does not require a local internet connection thanks to its LTE network functionality, and features a large color touchscreen that can facilitate a number of mundane but essential workplace tasks. For instance, employees can use the screen to enroll in a benefits programs, request time off, and record mandatory breaks to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

According to Ascentis, the NT8000 is ideal for work environments in which employees do not have ready access to a computer, allowing people to clock in and manage their accounts through a secure guided interface. However, the clock can be deployed in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the organization.

Ascentis is not the first company to release a biometric time clock. Paychex, for example, has previously released time clock tablets with face and iris recognition capabilities, while Ipsidy recently released a mobile time management app that uses selfies for authentication.

October 1, 2019 – by Eric Weiss