Interview: Pat Patel on the Five Stories Powering Money20/20 Europe 2019 [AUDIO]

Interview: Pat Patel on the Five Stories Powering Money20/20 Europe 2019 [AUDIO]
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Money20/20 Europe is only weeks away, and before we pack our bags and head to Amsterdam to report live on the conference’s biometrics and digital identity news, we caught up with the event’s coordinator: Pat Patel, Content Director for Europe and Asia at Money20/20.

In his audio interview with Peter O’Neill, President, FindBiometrics, Patel lays out the five main stories that will form the basis year’s European edition of Money20/20: game changing innovation for incumbent financial players; the effect of increased M&A in payments and financial services; the interplay between cloud, blockchain, quantum computing and other emerging tech; a critical and grounded assessment of open banking; and the inter-vertical market movement of FinTechs. Patel also sheds light on how digital identity will play a role in this year’s conference, which is expected to set the tone for financial identity industry conversations over the next six months.

Listen to our audio interview with Pat Patel, Content Director, Europe + Asia, Money20/20:

Money20/20 Europe runs June 3-5 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. Stay posted to FindBiometrics and our sibling site Mobile ID World for our live event coverage.

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