ZKTeco Founds Thai Biometric & Security Non-profits, Launches At Massive Inauguration

Security experts from around the globe attended the Thai Smart Security Association and Thai Secure Identity Biometric Association Inauguration Ceremony

On July 16, 2017, two biometrics and security non-profit organizations were launched in Thailand at the Thai – Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok. Spearheaded by their core member ZKTeco, the Thai Smart Security Association (TSSA) and the Thai Secure Identity Biometric Association (TSIBA) are dedicated to serving the biometrics and security industry’s interests based around a platform of manufacturing, learning, research and engineering.

Biometrics, identity and security technology have evolved to a point of global importance, integral to various markets, and bridging the gap between physical and information spaces. Such large scale requires high levels of collaboration between vendors, manufacturers, researchers, educators, politicians and more, and this is facilitated by non-profit organizations with trans-market reach. TSSA and TSIBA fit into this global trend, and come at a time when the Asia Pacific region is experiencing a identity tech boom, with biometrics, connectivity, identity and security helping to redefine the fundamental infrastructure of society, be it via financial inclusion, national ID, voting, public safety or otherwise.

“The strategic establishments of China’s Belt & Road and Thailand Smart City 4.0 will provide great opportunities for the development of global security technique, the non-stopping breakthrough of biometric verification techniques and effective integration will significantly enhance the quality of cities’ security.” said Mr. Hou Hongchuan, leader of SAC/TC100/SC2, speaking at the inauguration.

A Global Initiative

While the interests of the TSSA and TSIBA rest in Thailand—they focus on enhancing Thailand’s industrial competitiveness on the international market—the organizations are global in scope. The organizers have already established co-laboratories internationally with like-minded firms, centered around Bangkok. Over ten countries—including USA,China, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, India and South Africa—are cooperating in something of an expert-exchange program. Michigan State University, Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University and the Ministry of Science are already participating.

Among the collaborating organizations, Michigan State University stands out. Dr. Anil K. Jain, who spoke at the inauguration ceremony, is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at MSU, and is widely considered one of the world’s preeminent biometrics experts. Dr. Jain’s research has garnered him international honors, most recently earning him election as a Foreign Fellow by the Indian National Academy of Engineering. Furthermore his expertise was sought in a high-profile forensics case last year, in which he helped police spoof a murder victim’s biometric smartphone.

The internationally collaborative nature of TSSA and TSIBA will be key for achieving the organizations’ goals. While Asian markets are helping drive the biometric and identity management industry forward on a global scale, many of the biometrics giants in the region are propped up by acquisitions and partnerships involving overseas vendors an startups.

The Gift of Security

The TSSA and TSIBA inauguration was punctuated with a gift. ZKTeco, which organized the ceremony, presented a set of Car Plate Recognition Standalone devices (used for license plate recognition) to the Royal Thai Police. Furthermore, the company presented its finger-vein recognition access control device, the FV350, to what it referred to in a statement as a “related government department for the development of Thailand’s security industry.”

The gifted machine vision and biometric technology served to underline the optimism with which the new organizations were launched.

“ZKTeco will deeply expand and research identity authentication and biometric verification security technique, and, with international standards as core, deepen the localized promotion and application of identity authentication and biometric verification security technique in Thailand, in order to make peoples’ lives safer and more convenient.” said ZKTeco CEO and TSIBA Chairperson John Che. “Let us work together to make great contribution to the development of identity authentication and biometric verification security industry.”

August 30, 2017 – by Peter B. Counter