Researcher Who Helped Police Hack Into Smartphone Gets Engineering Distinction

Renowned biometrics expert Anil Jain has been elected a Foreign Fellow by the Indian National Academy of Engineering. The distinction is bestowed to only five individuals each year, and was offered to Jain in recognition of his “eminence and outstanding accomplishments in engineering and technology.”

Researcher Who Helped Police Hack Into Smartphone Gets Engineering DistinctionnCurrently a researcher with Michigan State University, Jain was in the news this year for helping police to effectively spoof a deceased individual’s fingerprints in order to access his smartphone as part of an investigation into his death. But Jain is widely respected on an identity industry level, too, having been invited by ZKAccess to speak on biometric technology at the company’s Chinese headquarters this summer, and having helped to develop facial recognition used by NEC last year.

But it’s Jain’s association with India and its national biometric ID program that he himself highlighted in acknowledging the distinction. Pointing first to his initial engineering training in India, Jain proclaimed, “I have maintained close ties with the Indian scientific community, and I am especially proud of my association with India’s Aadhaar program, the world’s largest biometric system which has already enrolled more than one billion Indian residents.”

Still, his work is very much appreciated in the States, with MSU Today quoting Michigan State University College of Engineering dean Leo Kempel as calling Jain “the foremost authority on biometrics in the world”.

Source: MSU Today

September 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala