Upgraded ‘Phoneprinting’ Platform Leverages Voice Biometrics

Pindrop has announced the latest version of its Phoneprinting call analytics system.

Upgraded 'Phoneprinting' Platform Leverages Voice BiometricsPhoneprinting 2.0 has been launched in the company’s larger Pindrop Protect platform, version 4.0 of which has now arrived. Phoneprinting 2.0 is central to the platform, analyzing a range of call features – from geo-location to carrier to the kind of device being used – in search of anomalies indicating that fraud may be afoot. Pindrop says Phoneprinting 2.0 now analyzes ten times more audio features than the previous version, boosting the overall accuracy of Pindrop Protect 4.0 by 20 percent.

Importantly, the overarching platform also leverages voice biometrics, comparing the profile of a given caller’s voice against a database pertaining to known fraudsters. Meanwhile, a Pindrop Protect 4.0 feature called Pindrop Network uses machine learning to assess the historical behavior and phone numbers of callers to “use informed model characteristics to develop an initial assessment of the call” in realtime, according to a statement announcing the upgraded system.

Pindrop’s Call Center Fraud Report, issued this past spring, found a 113 percent rise in this type of fraud last year, and the company now says its latest research indicates that there is a fraudulent call to a US-based call center every second, which may prove to be a compelling argument for Pindrop’s upgraded platform for security-conscious organizations.

September 29, 2017 – by Alex Perala