Taiwan Public Bank Deploys Kneron Face Recognition Tech

Biometrics News - Taiwan Public Bank Deploys Kneron Face Recognition Tech

A public bank in Taiwan is upgrading its security capabilities with edge AI facial recognition technology from Kneron. The agreement came about thanks to Kneron’s arrangement with its systems integration partner, Tung-I Information Service (TIIS).

The deal specifically concerns Kneron’s Facial Recognition Solution, which will be deployed for attendance management and access control at the doors of the bank. The platform boasts a 99.95 percent accuracy rate, as well as robust anti-fraud capabilities.

“Kneron’s high accuracy and fast response times lower our operational expense, raise our administrative efficiency and provide higher security to our organization,” said the project leader for the public bank.

“We are excited to have a major financial institution validate what we’ve been working towards, and that is enabling secure on-device edge AI solutions everywhere,” added Kneron Founder and CEO Albert Liu.

While this represents a security overhaul for the financial institution, facial recognition has previously been used to make banking safer in Taiwan at other banks. Earlier this year, the E. Sun Commercial Bank deployed biometric ATMs equipped with NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition solution.

Taiwanese banks have also improved their services with other biometric modalities. Citibank Taiwan, for example, introduced voice recognition at its call centers in 2016 as part of a broader effort to integrate the technology throughout the entire APAC region.

September 25, 2019 – by Eric Weiss