Citi Aims to be First Bank to Offer Voice Authentication Throughout APAC

With a voice recognition system now deployed in Taiwan, Citibank is aiming to be the first financial services company to offer voice biometrics authentication across the entire Asia Pacific market.

Citi Aims to be First Bank to Offer Voice Authentication Throughout APACThe company is using the technology to enable passive authentication for customers calling in to its call centers, and says that in the coming weeks the system will be expanded to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. Ultimately, the bank aims to cover the entire APAC region by the end of 2017—an area that includes over half of its consumer markets.

Commenting in a statement, Citibank’s Asia Pacific Head for Consumer Banking Operations, Rahul Joshi, said, “Biometrics will play a critical part in the future of banking and we are excited to be paving the way for Citi globally,” adding that in the call center the technology “will make the verification process easier, faster, and more secure for clients.”

The bank’s aims reflect a wider interest, with other major banks around the world deploying similar systems. They may also reflect a growing appetite for such convenience from customers, with Citibank expecting about three million customers to sign up for voice biometrics authentication over the next three years.

May 19, 2016 – by Alex Perala