Citibank Announces Voice Authentication for Taiwan Call Center

Citibank Taiwan is launching a voice recognition system for its customers this week. Starting tomorrow, clients will be able to sign up so that they can be passively identified using voice recognition technology when they call in to the bank’s call center.

Citibank Announces Voice Authentication for Taiwan Call Center

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It’s a move expected to improve efficiency on the bank’s part, with Citibank asserting that the technology allows customers to be identified in a third of the time needed for its current password-based authentication system. But it’s also expected to offer a better customer service experience, and the bank predicts that as it rolls out the technology across the Asia Pacific region over the next year, it will get about a million customers signing up for the system.

The deployment complements concurrent efforts in Hong Kong, and Citibank has previously announced that it will bring the system to Singapore and Australia in the near term as well. The move also reflects broader trends as banks like HSBC also strive to deploy similar biometric authentication systems in the region, and other banks follow suit around the world.

Source: Focus Taiwan

May 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala