RS2 Announces Support for Invixium Biometric Readers

RS2’s Access It! access control software now supports Invixium biometric readers thanks to a new partnership between the companies. The support is enabled through Invixium’s IXM Link module, which enables automatic synchronization of user data between databases, allowing RS2’s Access It! software to work with Invixium’s IXM WEB software.

RS2 Announces Support for Invixium Biometric ReadersFor RS2, it’s just the latest expansion of its support for biometric authentication, with the company having announced support for ZKAccess biometric readers in March of 2016. In a statement announcing the company’s new collaboration with Invixium, RS2 Director of Dealer Development Dave Barnard said “Invixium’s line of biometric solutions is one of the more elegant product lines we’ve seen in recent years.”

For Invixium’s part, CEO Shiraz Kapadia emphasized the cost-effectiveness of the integration, proclaiming, “We have engineered an affordable integration.” Kapadia added that Invixium’s management is “pleased to be working alongside a technology partner who shares the same cornerstones of innovative, affordable and scalable access control solutions”.

The integration will be showcased by RS2 at next week’s ASIS International Show in Dallas.

September 19, 2017 – by Alex Perala