New Partnerships Bolster ZKAccess’ Market Presence

ZKAccess has embarked on multiple new partnerships to further extend the market presence of its solutions.

New Partnerships Bolster ZKAccess' Market PresenceTwo of its latest partners, RS2 Technology and Schneider Electric, are taking advantage of ZKAccess’s ZKBioPack software, which enables them to integrate the company’s biometric readers into their own access control software. That means the companies can easily deploy numerous ZKAccess devices, including its F18, TF1700, and TF1600 fingerprint scanners and its MB700 device, which can scan both fingerprints and faces.

Meanwhile, ZKAccess custom-designed its OP200 access control reader for direct compatibility with the software platforms of two other new partners – Lenel and Amag, whose OnGuard and AMAG Symmetry systems can now easily connect with the fingerprint scanner.

The new partnerships are a validation of both the company’s technology and its client-focused business strategy, with the company also having recently entered into a partnership with Delta Turnstiles. It also may be indicative of the growing appetite for biometric access control solutions in the enterprise sector, where ZKAccess should now enjoy a further heightened profile.

March 30, 2016 – by Alex Perala