Ohio County Sheriff Looks to Iris Scanning Tech

Ohio County Sheriff Looks to Iris Scanning Tech

Ohio’s Richland County has become the first in the state to see police use iris recognition for the identification of offenders.

Applied by the county Sheriff’s Office, the technology is being used to identify individuals who have been arrested and added to local and national databases. It was delivered by BI2 Technologies, which is also providing iris scanning technology to a coalition of Sheriffs Offices along the southern border with Mexico for border security purposes. For its part, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office is paying just under $9,000 per annum for the technology.

As News 5 Cleveland reports, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office is aiming to use iris recognition not only for the registration of apprehended offenders, but in the field too, with Sheriff Steve Sheldon asserting that the technology will “also be used by street officers.”

While fingerprint and facial biometrics are more commonly used by police authorities to identify criminals, iris recognition has been embraced by a number of agencies thanks in part to its reliability. And on a national level, it has taken a prominent place in the FBI’s roster of biometric identification tools in recent years, as well.

Source: News 5 Cleveland

January 3, 2019 – by Alex Perala