BI2 Offers Background Checks and Iris Recognition to Sheriff’s Offices

BI2 Offers Background Checks and Iris Recognition to Sheriff's Offices

BI2 Technologies has solidified its existing relationship with the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA). The company has announced that it will be providing local law enforcement with a comprehensive background check solution through an exclusive 5-year contract with the NSA.

The contract specifically concerns BI2’s ACCESS Background Check Program, which will now be freely available to any Sheriff’s office that wants to make use of the technology. The platform will allow Sheriffs to perform background checks on-site and is expected to save money for smaller departments.

“Through this partnership, BI2 Technologies will provide any Sheriff in the country who wants to participate – at no upfront cost to the Sheriff’s Office or county – with a complete background check system,” said BI2 President and CEO Sean G. Mullin. “This is the beginning of the first national background check solution which will provide convenient, local access to state and federal systems at Sheriffs’ Offices across the nation.”

In addition to the ACCESS Program, the new contract will also give Sheriff’s Offices the option to deploy BI2’s Inmate Recognition and Identification System, which uses iris recognition to identify individuals. I.R.I.S. is already being utilized by the Southwestern Sheriffs’ Border Coalition at the US-Mexico border, and was more recently integrated by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio

June 24, 2019 – by Eric Weiss