Sheriff’s Coalition Votes to Extend Biometric Border Security Along US-Mexico Border

A coalition of US Sheriffs stationed along the Mexico border has unanimously voted to enhance and expand a biometric border security program.

Sheriff's Coalition Votes to Extend Biometric Border Security Along US-Mexico BorderThe “I.R.I.S.” program is orchestrated by BI2 Technologies, an organization concerned with the security of the southern border. Now, with the official approval of the Southwestern Border Sheriffs’ Coalition, the program will seek funding from the federal government to improve its effectiveness. The SBSC comprises 31 sheriffs from across Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

In a statement announcing the development, Texas’ Val Verde County Sheriff, Joe Frank Martinez, highlighted the necessity of sophisticated technological solutions for border security. “While a border wall or fence is a viable solution in some locations, it is only part of the solution,” he said, adding later, “the Sheriffs need the best, proven technologies to accurately and rapidly identify those who would cause our citizens harm.”

Outlining the plans for I.R.I.S., BI2 Technologies President Sean G. Mullin indicated that the program will employ both iris scanning technology based in Sheriff’s Offices, and multimodal, smartphone-based technology using iris, facial, and fingerprint biometrics in the field. The systems will offer “immediate access to national, state, and local criminal justice and law enforcement databases,” he said.

The organizations say that deployments of the technology will begin toward the end of this month in the Cameron County and El Paso Sheriff’s Offices.

April 7, 2017 – by Alex Perala