Nuance Announces Voice-Based AI Assistant for Healthcare Clinicians

Nuance Communications has now adapted its voice-based AI technology to a virtual assistant designed specifically for healthcare applications.

Nuance Announces Voice-Based AI Assistant for Healthcare CliniciansThe Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant is a new tool available to the 500,000 clinicians already using Nuance’s Dragon Medical platform, a cloud-based solution that uses speech recognition to automatically record patient stories. It’s designed for compatibility with major EHR (electronic health record) systems, and is designed to recognize specialized medical terminology, allowing clinicians to automate various workflows and save valuable time. Clinicians need only to link a special smart speaker to their Dragon Medical cloud system to get started.

In its official announcement of the solution, Nuance cited a recent University of Wisconsin and American Medical Association study that found that primary care physicians spend over half their day on data entry and other EHR and computer-based tasks – an area where the Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant could offer a substantial impact. As Nuance Healthcare Division Strategy SVP Peter Durlach explains, the platform is “designed to enable the clinician to get back to why they went to medical school – to take care of people.”

The healthcare solution represents another specialized area to which Nuance has adapted its voice-based AI technology, alongside other applications like legal documentation with Nuance’s Dragon Legal platform. And with voice-based AI becoming an increasingly popular interface in consumer devices, more it’s fair to expect more variations on the theme to come.

October 5, 2017 – by Alex Perala