Upgraded Nuance Dragon Software Offers Greater Accuracy

Nuance Communications has announced new versions of its Dragon line of speech recognition software.

Upgraded Nuance Dragon Software Offers Greater AccuracyThe company says the latest versions of its Dragon Professional Individual software, version 15 for PC and version 6 for Mac, offer up to 24 percent more accurate speech recognition, allowing professionals to save even more time with voice dictation. Meanwhile, the latest version of Dragon Legal Individual offers a specialized dictionary built from analyzing 400 million words from legal documents.

The software is based on Nuance’s Deep Learning technology, which is able to refine its speech recognition capability with use. With these latest software updates, Deep Learning can now be embedded on a user’s PC, and can use that user’s own speech data to tailor its capability to that user’s speech patterns specifically.

Nuance has also used its sophisticated AI to develop its own virtual assistant, ‘Nina’, which was recently integrated into a custom automated voice assistance service by IP Australia. That deployment is a testament to the sophistication of Nuance’s speech interaction technology, which should help to make the case for its commercial use offerings.

August 16th, 2016 – by Alex Perala