INTERVIEW: Nok Nok Labs’ Michelle Salway at Money20/20 Europe [AUDIO]

INTERVIEW: Nok Nok Labs' Michelle Salway at Money20/20 Europe [AUDIO]FIDO Alliance co-founder Nok Nok Labs has been enjoying a pretty good run lately. In a recent corporate update, the company revealed that it had seen a huge bump in billings for 2017, which it credited to mobile devices and global regulations that demand strong online authentication. But perhaps more importantly, the recent launch of the FIDO2 standard has helped to put Nok Nok Labs and its FIDO-compliant solutions in the spotlight, with the company having announced an updated version of its S3 Authentication Suite to follow suit.

Catching up with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill at this week’s Money20/20 Europe event, Nok Nok Labs’ Senior Sales Director for EMEA, Michelle Salway, discussed the prominence of biometric technologies in today’s FinTech landscape, and the surprising non-issue that the GDPR and PSD2 regulations seem to have become as banks look ahead for better ways to authenticate customers. FIDO2 enables a range of solutions to that end, and Salway proceeds to offer an insider perspective on how banks are responding to it.

Listen to our full audio interview with Michelle Salway, Senior Sales Director for EMEA, Nok Nok Labs:

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