News Roundup: Next Gen Mobile Identity

Last week at FindBiometrics we kicked off Mobile Identity Month, in which we will be taking a focused look at the latest thinking and news in mobile biometrics technology. Iris, fingerprint and vascular biometrics technology made up the bulk of the news while we also reported on biometric elections, law enforcement and financial deployments.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Mobile Identity Month

October is Mobile Identity Month at FindBiometrics and to kick things off we published a featured primer and announced our next webinar event, the latter which you can still register for below. Apple made recent acquisitions that imply a greater focus on biometric technology in its offerings while we received confirmation that Siri now sports voice recognition. Meanwhile, Nymi’s new CEO expounded on the historical importance of the biometric Nymi Band.

Here is how Mobile Identity Month started at FindBiometrics:

Mobile Identity Month: The Primer

Introducing “Mobile Biometrics & The Next Generation of Digital Identity”

Siri Now Equipped With Voice Recognition

Nymi Band ‘Will Change Security Forever’

Growth For Biometrics in Smartphones, Banking, Healthcare

Apple Acquires VocalIQ

Apple Acquires Deep Learning Facial Recognition Startup

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint protection icons on green background.A new report from Markets and Markets indicated that the growth period experienced by the fingerprint sensor market is far from over, while glowing preliminary Q3 results from Fingerprint Cards (FPC) served as strong corroboration in that regard. A major Swedish investment firm was announced as seeking to invest heavily in NEXT Biometrics last week too, while TRAIS announced a transparent fingerprint sensor and Microsoft began to sell its Surface Pro 4 Type Cover, which features its own biometric sensor.

Major Investment Firm Seeks Purchase of 2M Shares in NEXT Biometrics

Boom Times Continue for FPC

TRAIS Announces Transparent Fingerprint Sensor

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Features Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Sensor Market Continues Ascent

Iris Recognition

HiResMicrosoft announced its two newest Lumia smartphones last week, each of whcih features an infrared iris scanner for authentication. Toshiba was also in the mobile iris news with the announcement of its own eye-based biometric sensor designed for mobile devices.

New Windows Smartphones Feature Infrared Iris Scanning

Toshiba Announces Near-Infrared Iris Scanner for Mobile Devices


cashThe Royal Bank of Canada introduced voice authentication via natural speech for its phone banking customers last week, while we reported that MasterCard has made further decisions in support of biometric authentication and tokenization. Toby Rush, CEO of EyeVerify, in the meantime, posted a blog on his company’s website calling for a payment grade security standard for biometrics.

EyeVerify CEO Calls for Payment Grade Standard for mPayment Biometrics

RBC Introduces Voice Authentication Via Natural Speech

MasterCard Embraces Tokenization, Biometric Authentication

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement BiometricsLaw Enforcement was in the news last week with police forces from multiple counties in New York State scoring grant money for fingerprint biometric technology. We talked facial recognition last week too with the launch of new CCTV camera that is shipping with the identification tech built right in.

N.Y. State Police Get Fingerprint Biometrics Grants

New CCTV Cameras Feature Built-In Facial Recognition Tech

National ID

public-domain-images-free-stock-photos-woman-earth-globe-white-short-outdoors-water-reflection-1000x666Aadhaar was a topic of discussion last week but not in a wholly positive context. Teachers in India protested Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance tracking and the entire program itself faced a setback when the country’s Supreme Court refused to rule on a case brought by the central government seeking to expand its use of the national biometric identity card system. Elsewhere in the world, voter ID was on the docket, with the Philippines’ Comelec announcing the final chance for voter registration and the successful conclusion of a biometric election in Kyrgyzstan.

Indian Teachers Protest Biometric Attendance Tracking

India’s Aadhaar Program Faces Judicial Setback

Comelec Campaign Enters ‘Last Chance’ Phase

Kyrgyzstan Concludes Biometric Election

Vein Recognition

Biometric authentication horizontal banner set with privacy protection and recognition elements isolated vector illustration

Vascular biometrics made headlines last week with JCB introducing a palm vein recognition payments system and Imprivata planning to showcase its PatientSecure identification solution (also palm vein based) at this week’s Cerner Health Conference.

JCB Introduces Palm Vein Payments

Imprivata to Showcase Biometric Patient ID


Business cloud data computing security and server virus protection banner design elements vector illustration

In FIDO Alliance news last week we reported on the consortium’s latest government level member, the German Federal Office for Information Security. Meanwhile, Alliance member HYPR weighed in on the recent OPM hack.

FIDO Welcomes German Federal Office for Information Security

HYPR: OPM Hack Attack Shows Dangers of Centralized Data Storage

Conferences, Appointments

Multifactor BiometricsFall is a busy time for the identity industry in terms of conferences. Last week we got previews of what to expect from NEC at this year’s GoveWare conference as well as a sneak peek at what The Human Chain will be bringing to Biometrics 2015. Rounding out the week’s news we also reported on a major appointment: Morpho (Safran) named Olivier Méaux as the new Executive Vice President for its Digital Security and Authentication division.

Management Consultancy to Demo R&D Lab’s Tech at Biometrics 2015

Morpho Appoints Digital Security & Authentication VP

NEC to Showcase Smart City Data Security at GovWare Conference



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October 13, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter